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Stir It Up/Music Of Bob Marley (Monty Alexander)
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Monty Alexander - Stir It Up/Music Of Bob Marley

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Monty Alexander - Stir It Up - The Music Of Bob...
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Stir It Up - The Music Of Bob Marley (UltraHD-CD)Der Begriff PureFlection bezieht sich auf die neue Art und Weise der Produktion des Glasmasters für die aktuellsten FIM-Produktionen.Disc 11 So jah seh2 Mesta (He touched the sky)3 Jammin4 Crisis5 Coul

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Stir It Up als eBook Download von Gene Santoro
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Stir It Up:Musical Mixes from Roots to Jazz Gene Santoro

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Devil´s Garden , Hörbuch, Digital, 1, 764min
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San Francisco, September 1921: Silent-screen comedy star Roscoe ´´Fatty´´ Arbuckle is throwing a wild party in his suite at the St. Francis Hotel: girls, jazz, bootleg hooch...and a dead actress named Virginia Rappe. The D.A. says it was Arbuckle who killed her - crushing her under his weight - and brings him up on manslaughter charges. William Randolph Hearst´s newspapers stir up the public and demand a guilty verdict. But what really happened? Why do so many people at the party seem to have stories that conflict? Why is the prosecution hiding witnesses? Why are there body parts missing from the autopsied corpse? Why is Hearst so determined to see Fatty Arbuckle convicted? In desperation, Arbuckle´s defense team hires a Pinkerton agent to do an investigation of his own and, they hope, discover the truth. The agent´s name is Dashiell Hammett, and he´s the book´s narrator. What he discovers will change American legal history - and his own life - forever. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Dick Hill. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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Various - Ve Day - The Vocalists (CD)
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(Empress) 25 tracks. original recordings Just picture the scene. The British people are celebrating VE day with a will. Throughout the country people are gathering together for street parties, pubs and bars are packed with revellers while the length and breadth of London´s Whitehall is thronged with an enormous crowd eager to slake its collective thirst, then to acclaim one of the great heroes of the hour - the Prime Minister, Winston Churchill... for he is due to speak to the mass of people who have joy in their hearts and a song in their throats. It makes for a most stirring occasion. The conflict in Europe is over, although everyone is aware that the years ahead will not be easy. Just for this one particular day they can forget their worries and enjoy one of the great days in their country´s history. Music is playing everywhere. Songs of hope, songs of sentiment; some with words looking forward to a bright future, others with a reflective backwards glance to the bitter-sweet emotions of the six long years of strife. It was a marvellous period for music. Great songs were still being written for vocalists fully capable of doing them complete justice. On both sides of the Atlantic the pre-war boom in swing and dance bands had evaporated to some extent; it was the singers who ruled in the brave new world. Vera Lynn had begun her professional career as a band vocalist, but by the early ´forties had established herself as one of the most popular solo artists in Britain. The deep sincerity of her finely tuned singing together with the memorable numbers she performed struck a chord at home and with the troops overseas. Her connection with the forces during the war has passed into the nation´s folklore. Of all the singers active between 1939 and 1945 it is Dame Vera who will forever be associated with those dark days; her records form a soundtrack to the war years. It is a tribute to Vera Lynn that her popularity has never waned, enduring to the present day more than fifty years after she recorded her big wartime hits. There´s A New World, It Could Happen To You and Jerome Kern´s beautiful Long Ago And Far Away will stir many memories. Her closest rival for the affections of the people was the much-missed Anne Shelton. When she started with Ambrose´s Orchestra as a gym-slipped schoolgirl it was hard to believe that a voice of such deep port wine resonance could come from one so young. Her sense of how to phrase and shape a song would have been considered extraordinary in an experienced artist, let alone someone only just into her teens. She was so highly regarded that, on trips to war-torn England, both Glenn Miller and Bing Crosby expressly asked her to work with them. A tremendous honour for a comparative newcomer. Just how well merited it was is demonstrated in Tonight I Kissed You and one of the only numbers to become popular in both Britain and Germany, Lili Marlene. There were other popular female vocalists besides the ´big two´. Adelaide Hall must have been one of America´s best-ever exports to the UK. Initially a wonderful jazz singer who made some classic recordings with Duke Ellington, she became an integral part of the British music scene when she moved to this country. Versatility and a fine voice coupled with a highly distinctive style were the keys to her success. Equally at home with the popular songs of the time as with mainstream jazz, her versions of the massive worldwide Julie Styne/Sammy Cahn hit It´s Been A Long Long Time and Harold Rome´s My Heart Sings are perfect vehicles for her exemplary singing. In both she is accompanied by the equally adept Norman Perry at the piano. Just like Anne Shelton the pint-sized Beryl Davis was a very young girl with a very big voice. Her teenaged assurance in I Got It Bad is a reminder of an all-round vocalist who recorded with jazz violin maestro Stephane Grappelli and with David Rose in America as well as a number of dance bands...

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