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Frank Sinatra (1915-1998) - Sinatra / Jobim - T...
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Sinatra / Jobim - The Complete Reprise RecordingsMore than 40 years later, the airport in Rio has been named Antonio Carlos Jobim International. And an American postage stamp honored Frank Sinatra. And the Francis Albert Sinatra & Antonio Carlos Jobim

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Theodore Presser Company Stamp J. - Supplementa...
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Level: easy / intermediateFormat: English / French / GermanArranger/Editor: Thomas StevensThis book is a supplement to the original James Stamp Warm-Ups and Studies (Editions Bim, Switzerland), and all of James Stamp’s concepts and instructions presented in the original volume should apply to these studies as if they were included in this book. The Stamp Warm-up No.6 from the original book (page 10) constitutes the main body of these studies (II, 1-6, pages 18-35). In his studio teaching, James Stamp had his advanced students play No.6 in the natural minor, harmonic minor, ´´jazz” melodic minor, whole-tone, and diminished scales, versions of which are included in this volume.The philosophy of the Supplemental Studies, to which James Stamp agreed many years ago, was to fill in some of the blank pages of his legacy, to wit: to show his advanced scale exercises and some of his pedagogical ´´roots.” One cannot do this without mentioning Max Schlossberg (1873-1936), whom many consider to be the father of the American school of trumpet playing, and who had a great influence on James Stamp’s work.James Stamp was a student of professor Schlossberg, and he used, especially during his formative years as a teacher, some of Schlossberg’s original unpublished materials in his work. Schlossberg’s concepts also greatly influenced the development of the now world-famous original published Stamp materials (Editions Bim).The Supplemental Studies include four preparatory scale exercises (I, page 8-16) and five attack-air flow studies (III, page 36-39) used by James Stamp, both sets of which have their origins in the concepts of Max Schlossberg and the members of the so-called Schlossberg School.Thomas Stevens

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Trompeten Fuchs 3, mit Audio-CD
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Der Trompeten Fuchs gehört mittlerweile zu den erfolgreichsten Trompetenschulen der letzten Jahre. Die komplette Schule umfasst 3 Lehrbücher, Band 1 und 2 mit CD, Band 3 ohne CD.Geeignet für den Einzel- und Gruppenunterricht für Trompete, Flügelhorn, Kornett und Tenorhorn.Der 3. Band des Trompeten Fuchs soll dazu beitragen, dem fortgeschrittenen Trompeter vom Musikschul-Niveau an die professionelle Studien-Literatur heranzuführen. Dieser Band eignet sich auch hervorragend zur Vorbereitung auf Wettbewerbe und Studium. Die vorliegende Schule baut auf den ersten beiden Bänden auf, kann aber auch parallel zum 2. Band mit einbezogen werden. Sowohl hinsichtlich der Tonarten, als auch der Höhe, geht der 3. Band sehr behutsam vor. Für den Schüler ist es in dieser Lernphase besonders wichtig, die Musik in ihrem innersten Wesen zu verstehen und auch lieben zu lernen. Es ist bei der Ausbildung eines jungen Musikers von zentraler Bedeutung, die Unterschiede in Ausdruck und Stil verschiedenster Musikgenres kennen und auch genießen(!) zu lernen. Ob Barockmusik, Klassik, traditionelle oder moderne Musik: alle Stilrichtungen wollen beherrscht werden. Natürlich soll der junge Trompeter auch zwischen Swing-, Rock- oder Funkstyle unterscheiden können. Weitere Themenschwerpunkte sind Verzierungstechnik, Transponieren, Doppel- und Trippelzunge. Ein durchdachtes Einspielprogramm, sowie Spezialtrainings-Blöcke mit Ideen von Max Schlossberg und James Stamp sollen die Entwicklung einer hohen Ansatz-Flexibilität und ausgereifter Atemtechnik unterstützen, und sind ideal für die Erweiterung des Tonumfangs. Das gemeinsame Musizieren ist ebenso wichtig.

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1920: The Year That Made the Decade Roar , Hörb...
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One of the most dynamic eras in American history, the 1920s began with a watershed year that would set the tone for the century to follow. The Roaring Twenties is the only decade in American history with a widely applied nickname, and our collective fascination with this era continues. But how did this surge of innovation and cultural milestones emerge out of the ashes of World War I? Acclaimed author Eric Burns investigates the year 1920, which was not only a crucial 12-month period of its own but one that foretold the future. The year 1920 foreshadowed the rest of the 20th century and the early years of the 21st, whether it was Sacco and Vanzetti or the stock market crash that brought this era to a close. Burns sets the record straight about this most misunderstood and iconic of periods. Despite being the first full year of armistice, 1920 was not a peaceful period - it contained the greatest act of terrorism in American history to that time. And while 1920 is thought of as the beginning of a prosperous era, for most people life had never been more unaffordable. Meanwhile, African Americans were putting their stamp on culture. And though people today imagine the frivolous image of the flapper dancing the night away, the truth was that a new kind of power had been bestowed on women, and it had nothing to do with the dance floor. From prohibition to immigration, the birth of jazz, the rise of expatriate literature, and the original Ponzi scheme, 1920 was truly a year like no other. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Christopher Lane. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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