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40 tangos by the revolutionary tango musician and composer Astor Piazzolla, arranged for solo piano. These crowd-pleasing tangos borrow from classical, jazz, and Latin traditions. The collection includes Piazzolla´s most famous tangos, Libertango and Oblivion.Adios Nonino (Goodbye Nonino)Artisane 1 from A Midsummer Night´s DreamArtisane 2 from A Midsummer Night´s DreamAusencias (The Absent)Calambre (Cramp)Chanson de la Naissance (Song of the Birth) from Famille d´artistesDansée (Dance) from A Midsummer Night´s DreamDecarismoDúo de Amor (Duet of Love)Duo 1 from A Midsummer Night´s DreamEl Mundo de los Dos (The World of the Pair)El Viaje (The Voyage)Éxtasis (Ecstacy)GulinayLa Calle 92 (92nd Street)La Chanson Du Popo (The Song of Popo) from Famille d´artisesLa Mort du Canard (The Death of the Duck) from Famille d´artisesLibertangoLos Suenos (Dreams) from Sur- Milonga from A Midsummer Night´s DreamMilonga for ThreeMilonga PicaresqueMumaki from Tango, l´exil de gardelNuevo Mundo (New World)OblivionOuverture from Famille d´artistesOuverture from A Midsummer Night´s DreamPedro y Pedro (Pedro and Pedro)Puck Arrabal (Puck´s Neighborhood) from A Midsummer Night´s DreamRecuerdo New York (I Remember New York)Revirado (Unruly)Romántico Idilio (Sans ta présence) (Romantic Idyll (Without Your Presence))Se Termino (The End)Sentimental from Famille d´artistesSin Rumbo (Aimless)Street TangoTango Choc (Doudou)Tango Final from Famille d´artistesVuelvo al Sur (I´m Returning South)

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