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Don Rendell & Jazz Six - Playtime
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(2005/VOCALION) 15 tracks, original 1958 & 1959, 74:08min.

Anbieter: Bear Family Recor...
Stand: 06.04.2019
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(2005/vocalion) 15 tracks, original 1958 & 1959, 74:08min.

Anbieter: RAKUTEN
Stand: 25.06.2019
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Playtime 2050
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Playtime 2050: Sanders/Nick Trio

Stand: 22.08.2019
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Hal Leonard Faber Nancy And Randall Playtime Ja...
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DescriptionPlayTime Piano: Jazz & Blues PlayTime Piano Jazz & Blues is a fun collection of beginning jazz and blues pieces.

Stand: 29.04.2019
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Family Games: Fun Games to Play with Family and...
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Amazing games for family and friends! Do you dread planning your next family reunion, backyard get-together, or birthday party? Are your kids driving you nuts clamoring for something to do? Do you ever wish easy entertainment was hiding somewhere in your home? Well, it is! Whether you want to jazz up a large gathering, or you just want to occupy your children with something other than television and video games, this is the audiobook for you! Here you will discover games for your whole family and friends! There are games included for children, grandparents, and all the ages in between. From large group activities to games your children can enjoy on their own, this gaming audiobook has got you covered. The best part? The games in this audiobook call for only common household items - pencils, paper, cardboard, tape, pillowcases, or old newspaper, to name a few. Some of these games don´t require anything more than a few willing! Games for all ages. Playtime is essential for people of all ages. It can relieve stress, keep our minds sharp, and our bodies active. While they can be wildly enjoyable, games can reinforce important life skills, from fine motor skills, balance, and coordination, to self-confidence, body awareness, and social interaction! This audiobook covers an incredible variety of games and activities that can easily help you plan a family game night or an amazing get-together. With the many games in this audiobook, you can easily create fun and lasting memories for your friends, family, children, and their friends! While life can be seriously stressful for all of us, some imaginative play can help us escape into the carefree days of summer vacation, no matter the season! Start truly enjoying your life with those you love the most! Choose a game and start having some fun today! It´s time to play: Get this audiobook now! 1. Language: English. Narrator: Gail L. Chaffee. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

Anbieter: Audible
Stand: 26.06.2019
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