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The Many Faces Of Naxos Jazz
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The Many Faces Of Naxos Jazz: Various

Stand: 13.09.2019
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Erroll Garner - Naxos Jazz Legends - Erroll Gar...
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Jazz & Ballet Suites/Film Music
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After releasing the highly successful sets of Shostakovich symphonies (the award-winning cycle of Rudolf Barshai) and the string quartets ( highly acclaimed performances of the Rubio Quartet), this set presents the Jazz Suites, Ballet Suites and Film Music. Shostakovich lived a live full of tension and controverses in the Stalin era. As a ´´modernist´´ he was reprimanded and threatened to be banned. As a sign of ´´good behaviour´´ he wrote music for mass audiences, in a ´´popular´´ style. But Shostakovich being Shostakovich, he managed to suggest under the surface of the sometimes nearly vulgar music his unique sense of bitter irony and revolt. The Jazz suites enjoy a huge popularity. The ´´Second Waltz´´ from the first Suite gained world reputation through the arrangement of Andre Rieu. The film music for the Gadfly is famous fir its Romance, which was used in a popular television series. Excellent, idiomatic performances ( new recordings!) by the Ukrainian Orchestra under Theodore Kuchar, who have a reputation to lose in this repertoire, because of their vast discography for Naxos.

Stand: 12.09.2019
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