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Mnozil Brass - Wenn der Kaiser grooved - Südpol...
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Mnozil Brass - Wenn der Kaiser groovedDisc 11 Heidrun Polka2 Die Ungewöhnliche3 Nils Holgersson4 Trompetenpolka5 Beim Pfarrwirt6 Someone to watch over me7 Fuchsgraben (Polka)8 Di a da9 Mürztalermarsch10 Pippi Langstrumpf11 You make me feel so yo

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Alfred Publishing Lopez Victor - Grooved Paveme...
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With a funky riff and strong backbeat, this chart is a groove to play. Victor Lopez wrote a repetitive two-measure break that is the focus of this chart along with solo space for alto sax, trumpet and trombone. Lead trumpet range is to written A-flat above the staff. Lots of unison and a building interlude will set this chart apart. Funky and fun. This title is available through SmartMusic.

Stand: 10.05.2019
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