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DescriptionA superb career-spanning collection of ten classic Earl Hines performances from the Storyville Records archives, complete with matching transcriptions.These new Piano transcriptions are taken from the original Earl Hines recordings featured on the accompanying CD. Together they offer a unique insight into the technique of the all-time great jazz pianist.SonglistHot Soup [Hines, Earl] [Johnson, Osie]Jelly Jelly [Hines, Earl]Love Is Just Around The Corner [Gensler, Lewis]Piano Man [Hines, Earl]Rosetta [Hines, Earl] [Woode, Henri]Satin Doll [Ellington, Duke]Sophisticated Lady [Ellington, Duke]Straight Life [Hines, Earl] [Buggs, Robert]The Honeydripper [Liggins, Joseph]Things Ain´t What They Used To Be [Ellington, Mercer]

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