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This unique book gives an in-depth insight into blues guitar, from early Chicago Blues, through Memphis and Detroit Blues, the British Blues boom, Jazz Blues and many other blues genres, right up to the blues styles of today’s hottest guitarists.Focusing on the playing styles of influential guitarists, author John Wheatcroft teaches the basics of blues improvisation and shows how it has developed over the years. Learn how to solo like classic blues guitarists B. B. King, John Lee Hooker and Albert Collins and then move on to find out more about the playing styles of Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Robben Ford and many others.Simple step-by-step guides introduce basic techniques, harmony and theory, with demo solos and backing tracks on the accompanying CD.Content:ContentsIntroductionWelcome to the BluesHow This Book WorksUsing the CDHow to Read Fretboard Diagrams1. Acoustic Blues & The DeltaKey PlayersArtist #1: Mississippi Fred McDowellCheckpointAssignments and Improvisation TipsThe I–IV–V Chord ProgressionArtist #2: Lightnin’ HopkinsCheckpointAssignments and Improvisation TipsThe Thumb-PickArtist #3: Robert JohnsonCheckpointAssignments and Improvisation TipsThe TurnaroundQuestions, Answers & Blue NotesCheckpointAssignments and Improvisation TipsMicrotones & ‘Blue’ Notes2. ChicagoKey PlayersArtist #1: Muddy WatersCheckpointAssignments and Improvisation TipsTailing-Off NotesArtist #2: Hubert SumlinCheckpointAssignments and Improvisation TipsIntroduction to VibratoArtist #3: Buddy GuyCheckpointAssignments and Improvisation TipsAdding Simple BendsThe Advantages of Downstroke PickingArtist #4: Mike BloomfieldCheckpointAssignments and Improvisation TipsRepetitious Extended PhrasingRhythm Study3. Memphis & DetroitKey PlayersArtist #1: John Lee HookerCheckpointAssignments and Improvisation Tips‘Call & Response’ PhrasingArtist #2: B. B. KingCheckpointAssignments and Improvisation TipsArtist #3: Albert KingCheckpointAssignments and Improvisation TipsOutrageously Wide String BendingArtist #4: Robert CrayCheckpointAssignments and Improvisation TipsStaccato Phrasing & Popping the StringsRhythm Study4. Early Texas BluesKey PlayersArtist #1: T-Bone WalkerCheckpointAssignments and Improvisation TipsSwingArtist #2: Freddie KingCheckpointAssignments and Improvisation TipsRiff-Based SoloingArtist #3: Albert CollinsCheckpointAssignments and Improvisation TipsRapid Pull-Offs Using the ThumbArtist #4: Otis RushCheckpointAssignments and Improvisation TipsVocal-Like Crying VibratoRhythm Study5. The British Blues BoomKey PlayersArtist #1: Eric ClaptonCheckpointAssignments and Improvisation TipsApplying Wide Vibrato to a Bent NoteArtist #2: Jeff BeckCheckpointAssignments and Improvisation TipsEmulation of Slide with Vibrato BarArtist #3: Jimmy PageCheckpointAssignments and Improvisation TipsAdvanced Fast Pull-Offs and Wide String BendingArtist #4: Peter GreenCheckpointAssignments and Improvisation TipsExpressive Vibrato TechniqueRhythm Study6. Country Blues & Rock’n’RollKey PlayersArtist #1: Scotty MooreCheckpointAssignments and Improvisation TipsRock ’n’ Roll TripletsTravis-pickingArtist #2: Chuck BerryCheckpointAssignments and Improvisation TipsFollowing the ChangesArtist #3: Roy BuchananCheckpointAssignments and Improvisation TipsHarmonizing in 3rds and 6thsVolume SwellsArtist #4: Danny GattonCheckpointAssignments and Improvisation TipsAdvanced Hybrid-PickingRhythm Study7. New Wave TexasKey PlayersArtist #1: Jimmy VaughanCheckpointAssignments and Improvisation TipsSoloing with Chord FragmentsArtist #2: Duke RobillardCheckpointAssignments and Improvisation TipsSwing & Jazz PhrasingArtist #3: Stevie Ray VaughanCheckpointAssignments and Improvisation TipsExtreme Dynamics & ExpressionArtist #4: Eric JohnsonCheckpointAssignments and Improvisation TipsPentatonic SuperimpositionRhythm Study8. Rock-Hot BluesKey PlayersArtist #1: Jimi HendrixCheckpointAssignments and Improvisation TipsThe Hendrix chordArtist #2: Gary MooreCheckpointAssignments and Improvisation TipsExtreme Vibrato, Palm Muting & Pinched HarmonicsArtist #3: Walter TroutCheckpointAssignments and Improvisation TipsExpanding the Pentatonic PaletteArtist #4: Joe BonamassaCheckpointAssignments and Improvisation TipsLarge Intervallic Skips via Open StringsRhythm Study9. Jazz BluesKey PlayersArtist #1: Charlie ChristianCheckpointAssignments and Improvisation TipsEighth-Note Extended ‘Bop’ Rhythmic PhrasingArtist #2: Wes...

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