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NGS ELEC-SPK-0337 Tragbarer Lautsprecher
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NGS Street Fusion is a 100W wireless speaker that outstands for its compact and urban design that brings your party to life creating festival vibes both indoor and outdoor.The speaker features a rechargeable 2000 mAh Li-Ion battery that can keep the music playing more than 4 hours and is equipped with a removable shoulder strap to assist with carrying. It includes a microphone input for your karaoke sessions, furthermore it is also equipped with volume and Echo buttons for the mic.This compatible with Bluetooth speaker is equipped with USB port, Micro SD card slot, Radio FM and Stereo Audio input to connect external devices.The Led screen and simple buttons located on the side allow you to operate the device without any complications: volume Up/Down, Advance / Rewind the songs and Pause / Play the music. Four EQ mode are also available: Pop, Classic, Jazz and Normal.Furthermore, thanks to its REC function you can make voice recordings on a USB memory or Flash memory.Finally, NGS Street Fusion charging time is approximately 3 hours.

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